Thumbay Moideen
President of Thumbay Group

A man of action, vision and is a determined personality to succeed, which is symbolized by the various achievements he has to his credit in all his endeavours.

Hailing from a well-known business family from Mangalore, Karnataka, Mr. Moideen took to business at a tender age of 21 years, and demonstrated his business acumen right from the beginning. Handling the mantle of a large business house established by his father Mr. Ahamed Hajee Mohiudeen in 1957, he took his businesses to great heights within a few years.

In the year 1998 he established the THUMBAY Group U.A.E which It is a recognized fact that under his management the Thumbay Group, UAE has achieved tremendous growth and gave source of lively hood to hundreds of families over the last decade. The group has ventured into activities like timber, real estate, education, information technology, medical education and latest being establishing a chain of medical center’s and pharmacies in and around U.A.E and with a vision to be a leader in the field of Real Estate, Hospitality and healthcare.



Akram Moideen

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