It is without question that one of the most important aspects of running a successful construction company is safety. In addition to having a strong corporate safety policy, we also develop “site specific safety plans” tailored to meet the needs of the specific project. We also involve our subcontractors by requiring a safety plan for their team and vigorously enforcing those policies during the construction process. Job sites are reviewed continuously by superintendents as well as our corporate Safety Officer, whose primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of our work sites. The Safety Officer is empowered to make any changes they deem necessary and this position reports directly to the President of the company. Finally, we remain committed to the education and training of all our employees. We understand that every person affiliated with the project plays a role in a safe building practice. We believe that when you have had the chance to work with us, you will agree that our team is the best trained and safest there is in the industry.


Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program is dedicated to maintaining high performance standards by our employees and subcontractors. QA/QC is diligently reviewed and updated frequently in order to maintain the highest standards of quality for our clients.

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